Welcome to Paranoid Futures.
A blog and record label run to document my work as an artist.
I am a musician/composer currently living in Los Angeles. Founder/member of Deep Sleep, Kent State, Suspect and others as well as composing music for various television/film projects.
Most everything on the site is available to download free, so please take a look around! I offer free downloads so that it may be available to as many people as possible, however, it is not free to make and any and all purchases go towards future releases, shirts, cover art, and more. Thanks! -Nicholas

booking/questions/paypal/contact = paranoidfutures666@gmail.com

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Deep Sleep 80's Hardcore
Kent State Lo-Fi Psychedelic Death Pop
Suspect Punk/Hardcore

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Hey everybody. I’m back from the DEEP SLEEP tour and trying like hell to get settled in. Had an awesome time, saw tons of crazy shit, hit up many arcades, found cool records, ate tons of weird food, and played some shows in places you wouldn’t believe. Thanks to everyone that came out and raged and a special thanks to all the kids that came out and bought KS tapes!

I’m in the process of recording a new 4 song Kent State ep Behind Closed Doors, of which the cassette version should be ready for our show on July 24th at The Blue Star Cafe in LA with Nightbirds and Toys That Kill.
The vinyl will be released a few months after.

We still have Kent State split tapes with Doleful Lions, Airlooms and At The Heart of The World for sale. You can also mail order tapes from Grave Mistake records or if you are in Baltimore you can get them from Celebrated Summer records.

As always all of our stuff is available to download completely FREE. Download Free / Buy tapes HERE Flyer by Emma Maatman